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Maiertai wood service three inchworms " pre-sale service "

Wants in the competition intense market talent showing itself, will in order to " man" as the foundation of innovation and change, from the consumer 's interests, do sufficient investigation, careful analysis, improvement strategy. We therefore developed a detailed plan service, each of the processes are carefully planned, the head of each service staff will meet your memory " service " spirit.

Professional advice: Maiertai wood for the convenience of customers ready access to related consulting, all departments are equipped with experienced sales representative, to all customers on products of any problem, give professional advice, to meet customer comprehensive requirements.

Maiertai wood service three steps " in the sale of services "

You only need to put the professional requirements, the rest of us do!

Arrival time: set up production plants, inventory, in the actual operation of customers has been repeatedly recognized, for may extend beyond the delivery time accident, we will be in strict accordance with the provisions of the state standard pays.

Maiertai wood service three inchworms " after sale service "

1, pay a return visit, follow-up customer service. Quality control manager regular on-site interview service.

2, product quality problems related to treatment approach, we will be based on the industry standard and evaluate the treatment, customers will get perfect after sale service.